Idea Tree office by First Ferry

Idea Tree office by First Ferry

Prateek Chaudhary’s firm, First Ferry creates an interesting workspace for Idea Tree office, making the interiors conducive to creativity, productivity, leisure and fun, all in one goes

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Designing the interior space for an organisation that enables its stakeholders to create and reinforce their brand value and equity is something that requires more than just a keen eye for aesthetics and positioning of office furniture and utilities. Making interior spaces come alive enough to speak volumes of what the organisation is all about requires a thorough understanding of the organisation, its values, goals, vision, work culture, employee dynamics, the way the space would be utilised etc. and using these attributes as pointers while conceptualising the design.

The office for Idea Tree located at the Business Bay in Dubai is one such experiment, with the architects designing the interiors with three conceptual aspects – energy, minimalism and vibrancy. Walking through the office, one is greeted by dominant white walls highlight with hues of bold orange and grey; a subtle yet effective means of introduction to the organisation.
The reception area being the first point of contact is a striking image of glass against the sheer white and bold orange.  Apart from adding a radiant feel to the usually drab waiting area, the colour also adds an element of excitement and anticipation to what lies beyond this point. The office is separated and demarcated mostly by glass partitions for meeting and conference rooms. 

“Every element of the office rests upon these three key aspects - the colour scheme, custom furniture and lighting. The furniture extrudes an avant-garde movement of current times that fuse minimalism with a comparatively richly designed space,” add the architects.

One of the most innovative and creative aspects of the office design is the distinctive form of abstract tree embedded across the entirety of the partitions. The treatment of vertical surfaces reign the work floor within, creating an artistic visual canvas across the space. The architects have used aspects intrinsic to the firm and adapted them to its spatial context, and designed the office to give out a very relaxed yet vibrant feel, without going over-the-top, as most ad firms prefer to. Simple is effective, and the architects have efficiently managed to demonstrate the same with the sophisticated, elegant yet fun office space.

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