India First Insurance office by Team One Architects

India First Insurance office by Team One Architects

Designing a minimalist modern space for the administrative office of India First Insurance, Team One Architects create a distinct identity for the brand and the people behind the brand

India First Life Insurance, Team One Architects, Mumbai-
India First Life Insurance, Team One Architects, Mumbai-

Every office needs a space that reflects its own ideations, growing sensibility — a space that captures the essence of it. Being the youngest insurance company in the country, the design of India First Life Insurance office reflects its ambition in its space. Vivid zones, cuboidal volumes, transparent walls and play of colours and textures, embody the interior architecture of the administrative office, designed by Team One Architects. The relatively contemporary design afforded flexibility to a range of ideas that refined the functionality and ambience of the place.

Retaining clear sightlines, the fresh, modern fit-out is seamlessly structured to align and take advantage of the dominant view that the project possessed. The brief expounded on various interlocking but distinct functions, hence flexibility in design remained at the core of the design concept. The sense of orientation speaks of minimalistic yet vibrant gestures, with pockets of colour adorning the sovereignty of white. The design unfolds as a continuous element composed of balanced features. The idea of an open-office system with transparency of a non-hierarchical workspace creates a less formal but an organised work culture. As the programmatic requirements of the office space demanded a flexible and accommodating design, taking a modular approach to the design, the architectural team rapidly evolved a concept based upon largely open spaces that could be rapidly converted from one use to another. For example, furniture and fixtures used in the cafeteria could be rolled or stacked away as required to change the area into a one large hall for functions, workshops and parties. The design is a single, unified space with compact enclosures that open to form the gathering spaces.

Formal organisation of the workspaces follow a rigid geometry with experiments in varying material palette and ceiling heights. Glass has been used extensively to incorporate the clear vision across the floor and harness natural light. The mirror polished marble stone floor reflecting other surfaces adds to the mirage of wider space. Vivid colours and patterns on the surfaces provide occasional visual interest maintaining an overall calm ambience.

With consideration for the facility's maintenance and functioning post hand-over, the architects have adopted the used of nylon carpets in some high-traffic areas to provide the feel of fresh floor for up to seven to nine years. The workstations are equipped with wire-management solutions to offer efficient working conditions. With keen emphasis on the importance of ergonomics, the selection of chairs also underwent a process of thorough audit. Capitalising on the efficiency offered by LEDs lights, the architects have used fittings and fixtures by Philips to render optimum illumination. The whole office has been integrated into a building management system; right from the electrical panels, HVAC, light sensors, access control to the generator sets, each operational equipment is  integrated into one system, which monitors and controls its usage to keep the operation cost in control. While the design and expression of the office blends in seamlessly with the identity of the company as a brand, it is such details that ensure the eclectic functional nature of the design.

With the client's willingness and the architects vision to re-interpret the essence of a serious and pensive workspace environment, the design infuses new energy and versatility to the insurance company's facility. Minimalism expressed with articulation of simple forms and geometries with expressive objects and textures, explores the brand's identity and principles.

Project Information:
Project - India First Life Insurance
Architect- Team One Architects
Location - Mumbai
Interior Designer - Aditya Yamsanvar
Project Area- 45,000 sq-ft

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