CNS Hospital by Studio Archohm

CNS Hospital by Studio Archohm

Located in Patna, the CNS Hospital showcases its distinct by integrating the built environment and patient- wellness in a compact and refined manner

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Leasing a new life to the conventional architectural language of healthcare buildings, Noida-based Studio Archohm  invigorates the archaic bylanes of Patna with a reinventive structure - the CNS Neurology Hospital. Nestled within a slender footprint of 765.58 sq-m, in a neighbourhood replete with sprawling structures and narrow lanes, the hospital building calls attention for its diverse composition, animated by the colours and treatment of its facade.

The six-storey, state-of-the-art facility houses an outdoor and indoor patient department (OPD and IPD), diagnostic facilities, operation theatres and intensive care units; and is also equipped with physiotherapy facilities, a blood bank and a mortuary. The spatial built of the hospital aims to act as a contributor to the healing process in itself, by addressing each aspect of patient-care and being responsive to its  various determinants.

Sometimes simple interventions through light, air, views, colours, comfortable furniture and efficient organisation goes a long way in augmenting the ‘happiness and hope quotient’ in a patient," explains Saurabh Gupta, principal architect, Studio Archohm.

The form of the building is defined by the sleek and clear lines of its facade, rendered with the mix earthy and vivid colours. In order to provide easy vertical circulation connecting all the floors the building is laid out as two blocks hinged about a central service core.

The fenestration emphasises the necessity of integrating function with aesthetics. The rear service staircase covered with mesh is where a vertical garden exemplifying the literal green facade conceals the services and incidentally also insulates the building interior. The metaphorical green, front facade on the other hand responds to the local climate through vertical louvers that cut the glare while permitting adequate natural light and ventilation to filter into the spaces.

The stacked facade attempts to converse with the surrounding fabric of the city, yet its towered verticality and sanctified rectangular form punctuated with warm coloured sunshade fins gives it away amidst the chaotic urban expanse. It thus resolves once and for all, the oft conflicting and potentially festering issue of ‘fitting in’ while retaining individuality.

One of the most unique spaces within the hospital premises is the inter-faith centre that is housed in a semi open space. Rather thoughtfully and secularly designed, the external stainless steel sculptures depict various religious insignia, adding an unwavering message to the overall vision of the hospital.

Design Factory India (DFI), an initiative of Studio Archohm, has designed the spirited info-graphic and signage system of the facility. "A sensitive and generally sombre space like that of a hospital, but naturally, has to be designed with a healthy dose of seriousness but not with an overdose! The entire approach thus has been a tight-rope walk between respecting the ‘antiseptic’ atmosphere and enlivening it," elaborates Gupta. The logos, signage and significant collaterals wear the brand identity which has been borne out of a basic concept of nerves. The logo, which is a juxtaposition of a cross and a simplified image of the brain, aptly symbolises a hospital specialising in neurosurgery.

The location and placement of signage has been extracted from the process maps derived by design research. While its bears in mind the essential function of communicating information, it also accounts for the mental state of an individual - for an x-ray procedure, the signages also takes into consideration the anxiety in a patient. DFI goes beyond the prescription of solutions and seeks to design end-user experiences by transforming the image of a hospital as a silent space into that of an bright active environment. Displayed at the entrance is an vibrant graphic of ‘the Hippocratic Oath’, meant to reiterate the tagline of the hospital which is 'for you, for life'.

Within the confines of its boundaries, the design manipulates the restrictions and abstracts the traditional idea of a hospital building. In contrast to its slumped neighbourhood, CNS Hospital; ventures into the contemporary dimension to find a suitable expression as a centre for healing.

Project Information:

Project Name: CNS hospital
Location: Patna, Bihar
Client: Anuj Kumar Singh
Principal Architect : Sourabh Gupta
Design Team :  Bhoomika Singhal, Siddharth Suyal, Sujatha ,Shivdutt.
Site Area: 765.58 Sqm.
Built-Up Area: 2485 Sqm.
Start Date: 1st April 2013.
Completion Date: 1st March 2015
Project Cost : Rs  5.75 Cr

Structural : ROARK consulting engineers.
Mechanical and HVAC : Refcon Air Conditioning Pvt Ltd.
Electrical, civil, landscape, PMC,
facade and engineering: ARCHOHM.
Plumbing: Techno Engineering consultants.

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