The Machan - Corporate Office in Mumbai by Hipcouch

The Machan - Corporate Office in Mumbai by Hipcouch

Hipcouch, a Mumbai-based practice headed by co-founders Panjak Poddar and Parikshat Hemrajani, have designed the corporate office of the luxurious hospitality property in Lonavala - The Machan, in Mumbai

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The Machan is an eco-resort with unique tree house accommodations, offering an escape into nature. Machan consciously designs with minimum impact on its natural surroundings. The client's brief was to keep the brand philosophy alive while functionally differing the space usage. The zoning of the office branches into a reception, workstations, a closed room for HR & accounts, a line of executive cabins, one large conference and a cafeteria to unwind while maintaining the look & feel of their lodges.

Inspired by nature - Inspired by nature and its multifaceted scenes, this office space is unification of elements found across forests. From use of pine woods to cork, chipboard to teak laminates, the office is heavy on browns but beautifully offset with curved glass cabins and a light grey flooring.

Colour shades - When one thinks of forests, they think a ton of wood tones- dark ones to lighter shades. The office replicates this earthy palette with beiges & browns, often punctuated with greens and neutrals such as greys, blacks & whites. The only colour pop is yellow, present as a large block in the cafeteria, generously used on the flooring, furniture, walls & ceiling.

Materials used - Pine wood, Laminates, Cork board, Chip board, Glass

Lighting - The lighting dictates the layout of the space. While it may seen haphazard at first, it highlights the walkways & workstations in a very systematic manner. The lighting of the conference room is a feature in itself with large inverted triangles, edged with direct & indirect profile lighting. This lighting fixture not only serves functionally, but is in art in itself.

"We were looking for an interior design to help us design + build our new office space. The idea was to hire a full service agency which could help with the process end to end. Since we have built and currently operate a luxury resort we had very specific ideas and inputs about how our new office would look and feel. We wanted our new office to reflect the ethos of our brand. We were looking for a designer who could help mold & further build on our vision. Ridhi and the Hipcouch team did a fantastic job with both design and execution. The design process was thorough and the technical acumen shown by the team while building out some complex features, helped produce a high quality end product. Also, the team worked super hard and did everything possible to make sure our move into the new office was smooth! We are very happy with how our space turned out and love our new office!" shares , Sanat Hooja from The Machan

About Hipcouch:
Started in the year mid-2016, Hipcouch is an Interior Design Company founded by Indian School of Business alumni Parikshat Hemrajani and Pankaj Poddar. Having raised around $ 350,000 in angel funding from a clutch of individuals including founders of public limited companies and fund managers, this is the 2nd startup founded by the entrepreneur-duo after they founded and thereafter sold, an online portal that connects interior designers to customers buying furniture online, to Bessemer Venture Partners-backed Livspace in mid-2015.

With a sprawling office spread across the floor in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Hipcouch, co-founder Pankaj Poddar shares, “Hipcouch is a solution that Parikshat & I sarted working on after a few years of working with interior designers and customers which brought upon a real understanding of the problems plaguing the very large and very complex design/furniture market. Our previous startup, (which we launched in early 2013), was the first online interior design platform in the entire Indian ecosystem. We have been working with designers, consumers, contractors, furniture vendors since then. was acquired by Livspace in 2015 and we got to witness firsthand more problems on the execution front during our stint there. Finally, we decided to part ways with Livspace to create a platform that will truly address some of the core problems of this industry. Hipcouch was launched in late 2016. We wish to provide data-driven and personalized custom-design solution as per the needs of the customer.”

Right from luxury homes to budget friendly accommodations to the corporate office of The Machan in Mumbai, office for a Maritime company, a design accelerator in Bandra, an internet start-up company, etc, Hipcouch designs residential and commercials spaces all across the country.
Its time to redesign the way we live now!

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