Colliers India design team talks about SoftwareONE's new fit-out

Colliers India design team talks about SoftwareONE's new fit-out

The team delivered 619 workstations, 16 meeting rooms, a 60-pax executive boardroom and a 20-pax cafeteria as per schedule with significant savings over allocated construction budget

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As design and project management consultants, Colliers India was awarded with the assignment of developing the India HQ of SoftwareONE at Gurugram. The team successfully conceptualized and delivered the project and received high accolades from the client for delivery with NPS rating of 10.

Colliers design team:
·         Mansi Pandita- General Manager, Project Management, Colliers India

·         Saurabh Nagar- Assistant General Manager, Project Management, Colliers India

·         Rishabh Arora- Assistant Manager (Design), Project Management, Colliers India

·         Ananya Anand- Assistant Manager, Project Management, Colliers India

·         Saiyam Sharma- Assistant Manager, Project Management, Colliers India

What was the basic design philosophy behind the design and layout of the space; and what were the considerations taken into account while choosing the furniture, fixtures and materials of the project?
The facility was envisioned with the principals of modularity, and flexibility with a wide variety of multi-use areas – so as to maximize the efficiency of the workplace as well as create pliability to absorb any future expansion needs of a fast growing company. The layout is designed as a high density work setting, interspersed with interaction & breakout spaces. The material selection was curated to be simple, and clean, with the red & grey branding colours being used extensively through the office. The enclosed spaces were divided amongst three color zones to ease wayfinding. The stark red and grey were then matched with warm wooden shades and an overlay of motif fabrics to create a balanced palette.

What were the major setbacks/challenges in this project? How did 'design' help in overcoming the same? 
The challenge was to consolidate employees from multiple floors to one 50,000 square feet floor plate and maximizing the creation of new leasable space without rendering a mundane look. The idea was to create more room, hence the design team suggested an open-office approach that would bring multiple departments together and yet has interdepartmental segregation. The new open-office plan resulted in increased access to natural light and centralising communal spaces to enhance connectivity between departments. A clean and functional workspace was enhanced through interspersed collaboration zones with accents of brand and cultural experience embedded in the organization’s mission.

How was the synergy between various stakeholders (Client, PMC, other consultants) maintained?
Software One was Design & Project Management assignment for Colliers. With both design & project management capabilities in-house the flow of information and coordination between both the disciplines was seamless resulting in smooth delivery of the project. Various design workshops were conducted with the client during the preconstruction stage, starting from brief gathering to concept design and then material selection to ensure that the vision of the organisation gets translated into the new workspace.

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