ReNewCentre for Excellence workplace, IIT Delhi by CommonGround Practice

ReNewCentre for Excellence workplace, IIT Delhi by CommonGround Practice

The built environment aimed to communicate the spirit of cutting-edge-research

ReNewCentre of Excellence for Energy and Environment, IIT Delhi, Delhi, Common Ground Practice, Workplace

The Centre of Excellence (COE) for energy and environment was set up in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and ReNew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd., a renewable energy company. Acting as a model establishment for clean technology research with best-in-class facilities, the built volume aims to communicate the spirit of cutting-edge-research.

The project is unique in its essence, where the derivation of the form is assisted by the three-dimensional representation of the electric field and the structure of materials used in nanotechnology. The firm draws inspiration from the technical aspects of the research that are to be conducted within the space, following the philosophy of interlinking modern technology and traditional building techniques. The core idea is to capture the dynamism in built form envisioning what electricity might look like if it is frozen in time.

CommonGround (coGroup) Practice was founded in 2013 by Priyamwada Singh with projects spanning across the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design and Research and Development, with a focus on creating ecological, culturally specific and contemporary built environments. The team consistently endeavours to find the common ground between the environmental, social and financial aspects of a project.

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