Culture and Information Centre, Jabalpur by Studio for Habitat Futures

Culture and Information Centre, Jabalpur by Studio for Habitat Futures

This building presents state-of-the-art facilities and spaces that promote the ideology of interactive design

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The Proposed Cultural cum Convention center is designed to stand at par with similar business epicenters globally. The design firmly meets the standards of high end efficiency in sustainability and efficiency.

The Center is to house multi- use arenas capable of hosting events of state and national importance, business conventions, cultural events, art and product exhibits, theatre and private functions or ceremonies. It also has a guest rooms and banquet facility coupled with multi- cuisine kitchens serving high end fine diners. A 900 plus seater auditorium with a state of the art audio- visual facility forms a larger part of the convention center.

Over all the complex shall serve the dual purpose of a business and cultural hub to the city.

The center is going to act as a cultural cum convention center and will facilitate the city with some of the most collaborative and multi user space which will assist in building a cultural hub for future generations.

It will be a futuristic and future-ready building demonstrating the best future practices that will be applied progressively in convention cum cultural center over the next few decades: whether it is in the areas of high-performance building design, daylight integration, low energy air-conditioning, renewable energy, recycled water, and transport planning, or in IT integration, smart solutions, and seamless connectivity.

The campus is designed for achieving GRIHA 5-star rating along with various innovative features like innovative air conditioning, efficient water and waste management, low-e materials, shaded facades etc. which can set a benchmark for campuses of this size.

Fact File:

Typology: Public building

Location: Jabalpur

Completion: In progress

Area: 19580 Sqm.

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