Mehta Plaza, Bangalore by A.J. Architects

Mehta Plaza, Bangalore by A.J. Architects

Sustainability is the core aspect for the design of this commercial space

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The project is located in Mamulpet, a quaint, congested, commercial hub of central Bangalore. A area with narrow roads and buzzing with heavy activity all the day long. The surrounding buildings have no architectural typology; in general, the buildings are organic in nature with stereotype facades. Given this, A.J Architects have taken a bold step to mark a new and modern skyline for the surrounding area. This building stands out like “Oasis in the desert”.

The structure is ground-plus six storey. The layout on the lower three floors are planned for creating smaller retail spaces and the upper floors are for commercial space. The ground floor is double height wherein mezzanine can be created as per individual requirement. The first floor has large glass facade to accommodate display window for the retail stores.

Sustainable design is the core aspect for design. The direct harsh sun rays on the west facade is minimized by creating additional projecting surfaces and creating void between the wall. The varying depths of these projections further help the sun rays to be cut at an angle. The architects were able to reduce the inside ambient temperature by about 2 degrees centigrade. These projected surfaces, have been adorned with curvilinear pattern with CNC cut design to add to the aesthetics. Curvilinear pattern gives the bold character to the entire façade.

The projected area on the façades are treated with 3m x 1m and 3mm thick tile panels. The staturio marble finish tiles adds to the grandeur of the façade. The cove lights behind the projected panels highlights the building.  The small congested roads, posed huge challenges in erecting the big sized sheets and also creating the desired pattern on the façade. The curvilinear geometrical intricate design on the façade is achieved with CNC cutting of the panels. A male-female system was adopted with 6mm acrylic backing to have the seamless single surface. The entire terrace space is mounted with solar panels generating sufficient power for the common areas and about 45% of the usage by the inmates. Further, rain water harvesting and water treatment plant add to the sustainable aspect.

Project Information:
Location:           Mamulpet, Bangalore.
Architect:           A.J Architects
Built-up area:    21000 sq.ft
Typology:          Mixed use (commercial and retail)
Material used:   Granites, Porcelain tile 3m x 1m.
Brands:              Techlam, Saint gobain glass.
Photographs:     Courtesy A.J Architects

A.J. Architects was established in the year 2003 in Bangalore, Karnataka by Architect Arvind Jain. The firm believes in providing client centered design solutions that solve practical challenges with world class aesthetics and iconic designs. The firm has grown organically by viva voce publicity of its clientele. The strength of the firm lies in punctuality and quality service, which has helped in repeating and building our clientele. A. J. Architects primarily works in the fields of Architecture, Interior design and master planning. The gambit of portfolio ranges from Residential, Industrial, Retail, Institutions and hospitality across South India.

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