Ensotique office by Hipcouch

Ensotique office by Hipcouch

The project is an classic example of what happen when the client believes in the designers' vision and lets them go through with it

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Anuja Kambli

Ensotique is an accelerator for startups, helping you to build upon your idea with their guidance, mentoring, funds etc. The client was looking for a space that is flexible and fun, a space that promotes innovation and creativity, to generate the kind of energy/ambience that would resonate with a startup. The overall theme was to be industrial, vibrant and fun.

Functionally, the client needed space for a regular finance department, a small team that would work on the marketing side of client’s business, a mini conference room that can double up as workstation(s) if needed and working areas for startups that would end up using the space.

Given this the design team at Hipcouch started out with zoning these functions.
Finance was given one corner keeping in mind their need for confidentiality. The Conference room was designed to be collapsible so that it can be opened up and closed as and when needed. Rest of the space had more informal, casual seating plus pantry and the was washrooms overall. 

One of the challenges was to break down two bathrooms since the size of the space deemed that only one bathroom would suffice. We ideated on color coding the space, using mostly primary colours that are bright and nice, whereby each zone will have a corresponding colour. 

When you enter the space, strips of colour take you to a specific zone and act as a conduit. This theme also became a metaphor for the guiding path that the accelerator provides to the incubated startups. The floor, walls and ceiling were also themed accordingly. 

One of the more interesting aspects of the space was the fact that finance and conference room were in their respective corners where they could collapse the space around them to become a closed room or alternately open it so that entire office was one seamless space.

We also designed elements that were completely customized to match the theme. Lights were designed to match the color-coded pathways that create indirect lights washing the ceiling which doesn’t hurt the eyes and also provides effective task lighting at the same time. All the furniture including booths, chairs, tables was custom designed. 

The chairs are not the typical office chairs but wooden chairs that are upholstered with the colour theme of the specific zone. The base flooring was kept neutral so the colours could pop out. Since we were not allowed to change the existing flooring, we opted for vinyl that allowed for this flexibility.

Commenting on their design process, Pankaj Poddar and Parikshat Hemrajani, co-founders of Hipcouch, state that "Since we ourselves are a startup, it was quite exciting to be able to resonate with their ideas and deliver a space that was aesthetically and functionally aligned with their requirements. Designing and delivering these custom spaces is the main driving ethos behind Hipcouch."  Adding to this interior designer, Ridhi Agarwal, mentions, “Creativity is at its peak when the client believes in you and lets you go through with you vision. This project is a classic example for the same!”

Name of office: Ensotique, Linking Road, Bandra (W)
Name of principal interior designer: Ridhi Agarwal of Hipcouch
Name of Interior design company: Hipcouch by Pankaj Poddar and Parikshat Hemrajani
Name of the photographer: Anuja Kambli

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