Metro Infrasys office by URBANMISTRII Studio

Metro Infrasys office by URBANMISTRII Studio

While rustic charm places itself as the protagonist throughout the office, it’s the eclectic usage of buoyant colours that transports a new life to the workplace

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The refurbishment project was carried out in three phases as - reclamation, extension and installation. Housing a 40 year old builtform fairing to 1100 sq. ft. area, the plot locates itself in the industrial area of Mayapuri in Delhi.

The existing structural stability enabled the architect to demolish internal brick partitions and render the ground floor into a breathable open space. While the interiors could easily inhabit the required area for a private working zone, a need was felt to create a formal reception, which could only be achieved by extension of the plinth footprint.

Mounted adjacent to the entry steps of the reception, Company’s blue logo displays a stark contrast against the backdrop of exposed brickwork. The rustic palette mimicking the firm’s business environment was precariously chosen to give interiors a taste of individuality. Blue that remains close to the client’s heart has been profusely accessorised to add vivacity. Moreover complementing the scenic industrial roughness, splashes of orange adorn the furniture.

An open workspace for associates mediates the spatial order from the reception to private cabin, with a pantry to its left. It is furnished with two large pine veneered working tables shoved to the cement fibreboard cladded wall. Designed to accommodate user needs, it also neutralises the fluid effect of flooring. As an epitome of industrial roughness, fibreboards are also bolted as a ceiling onto the black steel section beams, one concealing and another supporting the puffed panels. Replacing the earlier asbestos sheets, the newly remodelled roof features thermal insulation.

As per the architect, interiors were bared of solid dividers for seeping in of natural light and its diffusion through glass partitions wherever required. The diagonal beige and grey flooring stripes fashioned on both floors is a result of paper joint matt ceramic tiles. It is replaced outdoors by more climate withstanding Kota and Kadappa stones, secured as cut pieces otherwise used for skirting.

This rawness settles into the warm wooden floors of MD and internal discussion cabins. Where light grey draped walls of the former surround the reused furniture, the later hosts a quoted blue backdrop with orange pendant lights spotlighting the engineered x leg ebony wood top table. Legacy of blue narrates the spatial sequence, from peripherally running along the walls till sill level and then dropping down as gigantic semi-spheres of light. The glass partitioned cabins for accounts and recruitment team exhibit similar features in their enclosures.

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