The Schbang office by Ashleys is a space that is devised to encompass freedom into its design

The Schbang office by Ashleys is a space that is devised to encompass freedom into its design

The design team at Ashley's find the perfect balance of creative spaces promoting focused-work in an array of collaborative spaces within this close-knit workplace

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The schbang office is an endeavour to reinvent the office ethos through the intervention of art and design. As the interiors resonate with the imaginative vigour of the digital world, the office welcomes one into the vibrant millennial realm.The office for a rapidly expanding creative agency for the modern Indian millennial is a result of a fascinating design quest.

A transparent reception lobby welcomes one to the office; the visual connection to the conference room and meeting room further enhance the fluidity by augmenting the perception of space and epitomizing the scale of volume. The bold use of a solid yellow backdrop for logo display is contrasted by the white reception desk label to mark the identity of the space.

The seven feet long mural made of colourful bottle caps, 'Flock of Birds' sculpture hung from the ceiling and various art installations define the functionality of the space.

To promote a close-knit office culture, the co-founder’s office is exposed, while being separated by bespoke interiors such as quirky hanging chairs with an extended visual connection to outer environment. 

The interior color palette is well-compiled in a contrasting manner to further enhance the quirky spaces. A muted, yet impactful material palette with rhythmic textures endorses a better user experience in the design.

Besides the informal zone that comprises built-in soft furniture, the cafeteria is placed in a cosy corner of the office with a vista of Mumbai's cityscape.

About the company
The Ashleys is an award-winning architecture firm specializing in interior and architectural design. The firm has versatile designers and work across the spectrum, from private residences to lifestyle designs for show flats, clubhouses, retail spaces, offices amongst others.

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