Kidzee School by Cityspace’82 Architects

Kidzee School by Cityspace’82 Architects

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Situated in a small-town setup of the state Haryana, circumscribed with vibrant and lush greens, Kidzee School designed by Cityspace’82 Architects is known for a perfect, healthy and serene school environment. With a capacity of catering to a total strength of 750 kids while integrating 25 classrooms, with 30 children per class, the school spanned across a rectangular plot of 1200 sq.yds. “Working on Kidzee, a franchise for a popular North Indian school chain was enticing in itself. The comprehensive design language incorporated for this school was a contemporary courtyard planning.”; says Ar. Sumit Dhawan.

Ar. Sumit Dhawan, principal architect, Cityspace’82 Architects

The building façade was open from all the four sides, granting maximum cross ventilation and daylight while giving the architect true freedom of design. The emboss around the windows acted like a canopy aiding in decreasing heat gain of the structure. The metal galvalume sheet was incorporated in dark texture for the upper floors granting a visual illusion of volume enhancement where the base paint was done in a super light texture exemplifying a floating effect.

The zoning was done in a unique yet playful manner. Centralised air conditioning was introduced in the overall planning to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the day. The central courtyard served as the focal facet of this school as it bound all the classrooms together as a whole both horizontally and vertically, providing access to all these rooms.

Ground floor plan.

The grandeur of the oversized courtyard was outlined in order to provide an adequately ventilated communal playing area for the kindergarten kids with a fresh breeze. The notion for this courtyard was to serve a better functional regime rather than just being treated as a corridor. The meticulously designed rooms ensured an abundance of air and natural light inside throughout the day via full-width panorama windows.

First Floor plan.

A separate playground too was designed, dedicated to junior school kids. In order to accommodate all the features related to sports and other scholar activities, multi-purpose utility areas were also fabricated. The running track on the entrance porch of the top floor was smartly drafted to utilize the setback area, conferring onto an extremely efficient planning.
The overall intent was to provide a canvas for these little ones so that they could create and re-create the images of their imagination while choreographing the design themselves.

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